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Updated 27 June 2012
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The main focus ministry areas, as shown in the menu at left, are:

    Three areas that form the Mission Focus of the UPCSA:
         HIV / AIDS
    Selection, training and equipping of persons for ministry,
         and the provision of bursaries in justified cases.
     Ecumenical links to other organisations with whom we cooperate.

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Priority Focus Areas

  • Caring for People Living with HIV and AIDS;
  • Provision of care and support to Orphans and Widows;
  • Promoting prevention strategies, VCT, ART, PMTCT;
  • Youth behavioural change programs;
  • Facilitating joint men and women forums;
  • Income-generation projects for poverty alleviation;
  • Caring for the elderly and disabled;
  • Training and leadership development.
Ecumenical links to other organisations with whom we cooperate.
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  • To develop a UPCSA HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan and Policy;
  • To promote VCT, PMTCT, ART and other prevention strategies;
  • To build up the Capacity of Presbyteries and Congregations;
  • To reflect on existing strategies and assess their effectiveness;
  • To explore ways of developing partnerships and networks;
  • To develop mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of projects.

Emphasis is on:

  • Abstinence for those not married;
  • Faithfulness for those in marriage;
  • Treatment, Care and Support;
  • Love and acceptance as opposed to stigma and isolation.


One the challenges that have been identified as a weakness for the Uniting Presbyterian Church’s emphasis on abstinence from sex among the youth within the church, has been a rise in teenage pregnancies. This has been evidenced by most youth disappearing when they get pregnant and re-surfacing at a latter stage when they have given birth.

upcsa_study_on_abstinence_2012.pdfAbstinence Related Training Needs for Youth in UPCSA.
Empact link

WCRC node 814

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Convener: Rev RZ Notshe 

P O Box 14364, Sidwell, 6061. Cell: 082-823-3782
StewardshipClick left to read document 'Stewardship - Plan of Action'

As Christians we are called to be stewards of many things:

  • God's creation - which includes social action to preserve the environment - notably, at present, in the face of Global Warming'
  • Time - a writer in the Early Church exhorted that we live 'life in balance' - dividing our time responsibly between prayer, work and re-creation.
  • Talents - given by God, and applied by us to his glory. Seek ways of using them in your local church context.
  • Resources. The Jews, under the Law, were required to give the first-fruits of their harvest and a tenth (tithe) of their earnings, and that was only a start. Add sacrificial and thank offerings to the Temple. As Christians we live under God's grace. We are not bound by the law as the Jews were, but the demands of grace are much greater. Therefore, as grace-filled Christians, we should give more than the Jews were required to give. How much? Giving is an attitude of the heart. Remember the widow's mite. God see the attitudes of our hearts, and rewards that. So we give generously to God's work, not counting the cost. A tenth should not be a (seemigly unattainable) goal, but is, perhaps, a starting point. Remember God's love? 'God so loved the world that he gave his only Son ...' God's love is expressed by giving everything. How can we withhold anything? Reflect preayerfully on this important issue.

many-parts, together one bodyAs Congregations we have the same needs to be stewards, in particular:

  • As parts of one body, each congregation needs to be aware that, as we are many we are one body (as we proclaim at the holy communion table), the whole is dependant on the contribution of the many parts.
  • This web site is a demonstration of how the parts of the whole work together.
don't give what 'you can afford'

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Click the image above to find Committee news and minutes,
Courses endorsed by the committee and bursaries offered.
Also resources - Discipleship, Children's Ministry, Youth Work, and so on.

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UPCSA Ministry Committee

The Ministry Committee is a Committee of the General Assembly whose membership represents(the geographical diversity of the UPCSA such as the Eastern Cape; Gauteng; Limpopo Province; Zimbabwe and Zambia.

See under Committees in the Directory section on top menu

Eddie Germiquet

Ministry Secretary
Rev. Dr Eddie Germiquet

Heads the Ministry Committee of the UPCSA with responsibilities primarily focused on:
  • Selection of candidates for the Ministry
  • Supervision of Students for the Ministry doing their academic training
  • Students for the Ministry doing their Post Academic Training (PAT) placed in a congregation as a Probationer.

Read these pertinent documents:

2010 General Assembly papersEntering into the Ministry of the UPCSA

2010 General Assembly papersProbationer's Conference Report, 2011

2010 General Assembly papersVisit to some of the Probationers and Students - 2012

2010 General Assembly papersMinistry Secretary’s visit to UPCSA ministry students at Justo Mwale Theological University College, Lusaka - 2012

Probationer's Conference - 2013Probationers Conference and visit to Lusaka-March and May 2013

2010 General Assembly papersJusto Mwale Theological University College Graduation Ceremony 2011 -  Rev Dr J Pillay address

Weidenhof HouseWeidenhof House presented by NetACT to accommodate theological students attending Stellenbosch University from other African countries

Weidenhof HouseSigning of a Memorandum of Understanding between Sedibeng Trust (Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa) and Stellenbosch University (Faculty of Theology)

All students and probationers fall under Eddie’s watchful eye.

Other responsibilities of the Ministry Secretary include, liaison with all 6 the academic institutions; course and curriculum choices and advice; vacation placement for practicals; planning and running two PAT Conferences per annum; discipline and allocation of bursaries to Ordained Ministers wishing to further their studies.

In all these matters, Eddie in turn reports to the Ministry Committee which meets four times per annum.

Christine Kasambara

Mz. Christine Kasambara

PA to Ministry Secretary

  • Manages the support and business functions of the Committee and provides strategic and operational support to the Ministry Secretary in carrying out his duties, to enable the development of the overall mission and life of the Denomination

pretoria_university_and_valedictory_service_2012Pretoria University and Valedictory Service - 2012

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Bursary Administrator

 Miss Elizabeth White

  • Administrator of the Fund and Secretary to the committee responsible for the Presbyterian Educational Fund.

PEF InfoPEF Information Brochure
News letterNews sheet - July 2012
40th Birthday40th Birthday Celebration
DonationsDonations Received: 2013 - Check if your congregation has donated!
Awards 2012Awards made for 2013

PEF 40 years poster

Education today is an investment for tomorrow.

The Presbyterian Educational Fund offers bursaries to young people in the UPCSA who are aged 12 or 13 (Grade 8) to 25, and who require financial assistance for studies at high school, college or university, provided that they have achieved academically.
Full bursaries are not granted and parents/families are expected to pay the balance of tuition and other fees or costs not covered by the bursary. Books, uniforms, transport are not covered.
Anyone wishing to apply for a bursary should ask his/her Minister for an Application Form and submit the completed form and required documentation to the PEF Administrator at the Central Office before 31 October each year.
Funding for bursaries comes from donations received from congregations and organizations within the Church, as well as from individuals.
Each year the General Assembly sets aside the nearest Sunday to Youth Day to publicize the Presbyterian Educational Fund, requesting that a retiring offering be taken up to raise funds.
To learn more about the Presbyterian Educational Fund please see the Brochure on this page or contact the administrator, Liz White, on 011 727 3511, or by email by clicking envelope on left
Name of account: UPCSA - Presbyterian Educational Fund
Bank: Standard Bank  Branch Code: 000355 (Parktown)
Account Number: 20 085 175 6

Reference: One of the following:
Name of congregation and Town /
Name of Presbytery /
Association and name of Congregation / Presbytery /
Individual Donor
Please do not mail cheques to the PEF


Application for  High School Study (2015 Now OPEN)

News letterInformation Sheet - Read this BEFORE attempting to complete the application form

Application Form

Do not even consider submitting the Application before you have ticked off each item on the checklist and ATTACHED ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION

Application for  College/University Study (2015 Now OPEN)

Information Sheet - Read this BEFORE attempting to complete the application form

Application Form

Do not even consider submitting the Application before you have ticked off each item on the checklist and ATTACHED ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION

National Student Financial Aid Scheme Bursary - NSFAS

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Ecumenical Links with the following organisations

Council for World Missions Logo wcrc logo  wcc logoWorld Council of Churches
sacc logoSouth African Council of Churches  Justo Mwale Theological University College
 Bible Society teecTheological Education by Extension (TEE) TEEZTheological Education by Extension (Zambia) (TEEZ)
Women's World Day of PrayerWomen's World Day of Prayer
Click for UTC HarareUnited Theological College - Zimbabwe Zambia Council of ChurchesZimbabwe Council of Churches
Women's World Day of Prayer
Council of Churches ZambiaCouncil of Churches in Zambia Alcohol and Drug Concerns (Western Cape)
Kuruman Moffat Mission Trust Southern African Alliance of Reformed Churches Sailor's Society
Other organisations without websites
Industrial Ministry in South Africa (IMSA)
National Religious Leaders Forum
SACC Provincial Councils
Multi-Media Zambia

Further information available herein the 2010 Proceedings and Decisions
Commissions and Committees of General Assembly - page 401

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