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Please fill in the quantities you require, your Name, Email address, Telephone number, Church name and Address for posting and click on button & we will contact you with the total value, including postage, which you need to deposit into our account before we dispatch your order.

Your Name
Phone number
Church Name
Postal Address Code
Each Quantity
R 2.00 Admission to Membership Certificate
R 3.00 Baptismal Certificates (infants)
R 120.00 Baptismal Register
R 3.00 Baptismal Certificates (Adults)
R 6.50 Collectors Books (Hard cover/ red)
R 5.00 Collectors Books (soft Cover blue)
R 1.50 Communion Cards
R 3.00 Confirmation Certificates
R 145.00 Communicants Roll Book
R 1.50 District Roll Books
R50.00 Directory of Ministers
R 15.00 CD copy Directory of Ministers
R 3.00 Elders Certificate of Honour
R 1.00 Elders Certificate of Ordination
R 10.00 Transfer Certificates Books (Disjunction )
R 15.00 The case of Infant Baptism
R 2.00 Pledge cards

R 164.00 Manual of Faith & Order with CD
R 145.00 Contents only
R 20.00 Covers
R 4.00 2013 Manual Inserts

R 48.00 Service Book and Ordinal
R 28.00 Service Book and Ordinal English Contents
R 16.00 Service Book and Ordinal Zulu Contents
R 20.00 Covers
R 48.00 Incawadi yezinkonzo (Zulu Service Book)
R 60.00 Inkonzo Zamabandla Ase-Habe (Xhosa Service Book)
R 10.00 Tsebeletso ea Kereke
R 45.00 Amagama Okuhlabelela (Tonic solfa)
R 55.00 Amagama Okuhlabelela (Hard cover)
R 35.00 Amagama Okuhlabelela (Soft cover)
R 50.00 Lifela tsa sione (Hard cover)
R 35.00 Lifela tsa sione (Soft cover)
R 120.00 Lifela tsa sione (Tonic Solfa)
R 50.00 Incwadi Yamaculo Esixhosa (Hard Cover)
R 90.00 Incwadi Yamaculo Esixhosa (Tonic Solfa)
R 60.00 John Calvin Christian Humanist Evangelical Reformer
R 100.00 Celebrate Indian Christians in South Africa
R 60.00 Transforming leadership
R 10.00 Amaculo Esixhosa Nesingesi

R45.00 Beibele (South Sotho)
R 80.00 Bibele Northern Sotho
R 80.00 Ibhayibhili Elingcwele (Zulu)
R 45.00 Bible (English Good News, Soft cover) 
R 45.00 Beibele (Tswana)
R 52.00 Izibhalo Ezingcwele (Xhosa)
R 45.00 Ibhayibhili (Ndebele)

R 6.50 Catechism (English)
R 6.50 Catechism (Sesuto & Xhosa)
R 6.50 Ikhathekhizim (Xhosa)
R 6.50 Ikhathekisimu (Zulu)
R 6.50 Katekisima (Sotho)
R 6.50 Katakisma (Venda)

R 95.00 UPCSA Tie
R 35.00 UPCSA Bag (Black)
R 10.00 UPCSA Badges



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