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2012 General Assembly at Stellenbosch University

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Retiring Moderator's address
Moderator's address
Sunday  15 July
Monday  16 July
Tues. 17 July
Wed. 18 July
Thurs. 19 July
Friday. 20 July
Dr George Malek adress on ecumenism


Monday  16 July
Tues. 17 July
Wed. 18 July
Thurs. 19 July
Friday 20 July
Updated 28 Aug 2012

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Moderator's Address -
Moderator designate  Address

Moderator's closing  Address

Stellenbosch University Campus

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Rev. Dr. George Marchinkowski, shortly before the service concluding his two years as UPCSA moderator
Rev. Dr. George Marchinkowski before the service concluding his two years as moderator
In his outgoing address George Marchinkowski challenges the UPCSA by saying "Can we change the way we use power?" Giving examples of power run amock in the church he spoke of the "beautiful examples of service provided by presbyteries in the denomination.' Rod Botsis Induction
Moderator Right Rev Rod Botsis. Read the Moderator's address under Asembly News - left

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Assembly in sitting
Assembly in sitting

Recorders - Brendon and Mike
Brendon and Mike recording

The earth in our hands

Prof Russel Botman
Professor Russel Botman
“The Relevance of the Reformed Church in the 21st Century: A Critical and Creative Challenge.”
Rev Mukondi Ramulondi
Rev Mukondi Ramulondi
Moderator Designate
Retiring Ministers and Wives
Retiring Ministers and Spouses

Programme 14-20 July

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This page was created for our members to folow the events of the General Assembly.

Moderator's Address

The theme of Rod Botsis' address for his term of office to be 2 Corinthians 5:9 “to make it our goal to please Jesus”.

"Many of our congregations are in good shape but as a Denomination as a whole, we are ill."

"the light of the joy of the Lord that was evident amongst us in 1999 when we united has grown weak. The light of the joy of the Lord in our union has grown weaker
and weaker, and darkness has been allowed to take over."

"You cannot claim to be in Christ and not be reconciled with someone else."

"we are the Uniting Church." "We're not finished. It is a word that should bring us hope. The process is still on"

"do you really believe that Jesus can save us before we kill
ourselves over (the Associations) issue?

"come to the table today with boldness because it is the place of grace and mercy. I hope you will come boldly, but I hope you will come with deep repentance, that
we have sinned, and continue to sin, in our division"

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or the outline for the address

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