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Updated 12 July 2012

General Assembly 2010

Ministries displayed at General Assembly

Pedal Project
Tshwane's "Pedal Project 2007". 1100 km
by bicycle to reach each congregation
Bible Society
Bibles are available in most Southern African
languages + French from the Bible Society
"Proclaimer" for use in listening groups
to hear the bible in many languages
Early Childhood Development
Early Childhood Development
Sailors Ministry
Rev Boet van Skalkwyk and the
Ministry to Sailors
Aids Care Training and Support
Visit our websitehere
Acts Pamphlet

Thoughts and Comments

Elizabeth feedback Elizabeth just returned from this fantastic trip and while she was there she managed to send me an email describing her experience Read more

General Assembly Sermons Rev. Elizabeth Michael of Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, Durham, North Carolina, USA has been our guest preacher for the week. Read more

Tuesday's Thoughts Elizabeth Michael who reflected on struggles in the “Place of Darkness” as she continued to speak on the theme of places in which God meets us. She...Read more

But the eye of our assembly has been on our new Moderator. Moving away from severe black shirt...Fraternal delegates and representatives from other churches...Read more

Monday's Decisions Rev Rod Botsis is our new Moderator Designate... Read more

Incoming Moderator's Address
The book of Proverbs takes us on a meandering journey in search of wisdom. The book sets out to teach wisdom. The Proverbs are... Read more

Retiring Moderator's Address
I can’t afford the luxury of forgetting the day I was elected as Moderator – designate .. Read more

The Retiring Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Christopher Mkandawire, delivered his closing address as he reflected on the UPCSA making reference to the past, present and future... Read more

More than a thousand people gathered at the Civic Centre in Vereeniging for the Sunday morning Worship Service conducted by the Moderator, the Rt Rev Dr. George Marchinkowski .... Read more

2010 General Assembly papersPapers - Vereeniging: Presbytery of Lekoa (6500) 

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