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2013 Executive Commission at Kimberley

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Assembly Documents

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Executive Commission 2013Papers, Supplementaries, Proceedings and Decisions- Emails removed
Executive Commission 2013Papers, Supplementaries, Proceedings and Decisions-phone Central Office for password.
Decisions requre actionDecisions of Excom requiring action and response by Congregations and ministers
Remits Executive Commission 2013Remits from Excom
Decisions Executive Commission 2013Draft decisions of the Excom

Assembly News

Executive Commission 20138 July News letter
Executive Commission 20139 July News letter
Executive Commission 201310 July News letter
Executive Commission 201311 July News letter


Executive Commission 2013Opening Address by the Moderator
Executive Commission 2013Closing Address by the Moderator
Updated 18 Jul 2013

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Moderators opening address
Wednesday morning devotions - Rod Botsis
Thursday morning devotions - Rod Botsis
Moderators closing address
Retiring ministers service
St Andrew's Beaconfield
St Andrew’s - Beaconsfield in Kimberley

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Rod Botsis Induction
Moderator Right Rev Rod Botsis
Every second year Presbyteries send the full number of commissioners to the General Assembly to receive reports and make decisions.

Every other year the Executive Commission meets.  Presbyteries only send 1 Minister and 1 elder.
Each Assembly Committee is required to report to every meeting
Rev Mukondi Ramulondi
Rev Mukondi Ramulondi
Moderator Designate

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The first diamond was found in 1866. In the subsequent rush the area was annexed by the British and named after Lord Kimberley.  What was originally Colesburg koppie eventually became The Big Hole.

Kimberley  housed the first South African stock exchange in 1881 and a year later became the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to have electric street lighting.  
The Kimberley City Council was renamed Sol Plaatje Local Municipality http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimberley,_Northern_Cape 

Sol Plaatje was born in 1876. His Tswana grandfather, Selogilwe Mogodi was nicknamed Plaatje and the family used it as a surname. Highly intelligent Sol was given private tuition by the wife of the German missionary Ernst Westphal. He later became court interpreter for the British. Fluent in 7 languages, he became newspaper editor as well as writing the first English novel by a black South African.
A committed christian, an activist and a politician, he spent much of his life in the struggle for the enfranchisement and liberation of African people. Founder member and General Secretary of the SANNC (now ANC) www.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sol_Plaatje

Programme 9-12 July

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This page was created for our members to folow the events of the Executive Commission.

Moderator's talks

The theme for the Commission comes from Philippians

The theme for the opening session was motives.

Acts 14:27 says this "they gathered together and reported what God had done through them and how He had opened the door of faith to unbelievers”. That's the agenda, for Sessions, Presbyteries, Executives and Assemblies. We gather here to hear what God has been doing amongst us and how He has opened through our work and his Word, the door of faith for unbelievers. So I want to be like Paul and repeat what I raised at the Assembly last year. My theme if you like, second Corinthians 5 verse nine "we make it our goal to please him". We make it our goal to please Christ Jesus. I would add to that Colossians 1:10 "Live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way" Add to that Philippians 1:27 "whatever happens conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News of Jesus" and as I quoted already, Philippians 3:16,  “live up to what you've attained”.......

To read more, download the opening address in the left column

Subsequent mornings addressed our attitudes, knowledge and Contentment.These are only available as audio recordings and are found in the left column.

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