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Updated 14 June 2013
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About UPCSA - Ministers

The full UPCSA Directory is printed annually in book form. However, Ministers and Congregations can request the most recently updated electronic copy of the Directory by contacting the Central Office.

To open a document below, click the adobe acrobat pdf icon on the left to download.

MinistersUPCSA Ministers

Emeritus Ministers Emeritus

Other denominationsMinisters of other denominations serving the UPCSA

ProbationersProbationer-ministers of the UPCSA

CDEsChurch Development Evangelists

Students Students for ministry

SecondedMinisters seconded to other organisations

Email addresses on the web are often harvested and sold for spamming purposes. For this reason, Email addresses have been omitted from these lists.

Please contact the minister concerned (preferably at the office number) and ask for his/her Email address if you need it.

Email the web-master: with your comments, input, ideas,content etc.

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